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Alyssa F.

Direct Caregiver

Compassionate Home Care is excited to welcome Alyssa F. to the caregiving team. Alyssa has experience working in a group home setting as a Direct Support Professional. In this position, she gained a lot of experience because she was able to do personal cares, medication administration, and she was also in charge of making sure the house was kept clean. Alyssa enjoys working in this industry because she enjoys having the chance to meet new individuals and learn about them and their needs. She strives to help clients meet their needs and wants. One of her favorite parts about working in the industry is being able to help others who are in need, and when I am able to put a smile onto the clients’ faces. Alyssa sees herself fitting in with Compassionate Home Care’s mission because she is a very compassionate person and prides herself in giving others the best care she can. Alyssa respects others and wants to give them the assurance that she will be there for them with what they may be going through. She also knows that if one of her family members were to be one of her clients, she would want that person to receive the best care they could and be able to trust their staff. Alyssa is the youngest of three children, and there are five people in her family. Her family is very close, and they have always enjoyed being together. In her spare time, Alyssa enjoys hiking, running with her dog, fishing, and kayaking. Her favorite movies are A Star is Born and Grumpy Old Men.

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