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Amber B.

Homemaking/Companion, ICLS Caregiver, ILS Trainer

Amber joins the Compassionate Home Care team as a Homemaker/Companion Caregiver, ICLS/Direct Care Staff, ILS Trainer. Amber has experience caring for people as she has volunteered at the Elim Home when she was younger. Amber also helped care for her grandma when she was ill. Recently, Amber has been a stay-at-home mom taking care of her full house. Amber  is a people person and enjoys to work one on one rather than always having to hurry up and help the next person. Helping people stay in their homes, being happy and healthy, for as long as they are able, is something Amber likes about the home care industry. Amber is married with a 13-year-old step son, and a 7-year-old son. Amber and her family also have three rescue dogs, Rucca 8 years old, Chico 1 ½ years old, and Rita almost 1 year. Amber enjoys relaxing with family as well as doing crochet at times and crossword puzzles to keep my mind busy. Amber enjoys action movies as well as some romance movies. The Notebook and John Wick are some of her favorites. Amber was in a car accident when she was 17 years old and has had to re-learn Daily Living Skills. She understands the want and fear of being able to stay in your own home. Amber is happy that she was young and her body was able to recover for her to have the life she lives now.

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