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Disability Inclusion Director

Amy began as a part-time homemaker/companion caregiver, and she was quickly able to increase her hours to full-time status and move into the role of Disability Inclusion Director. Amy is flexible as she is willing to wear many hats; she directs her department, but she also goes out to work with clients, and she will do whatever they need. Amy’s clients adore her and look forward to her visits each week. Amy is the proud mother of three children and four dogs. She has experience with caring for others and their homes as she helps to care for her mother who has alzheimers, and she owned her own cleaning company. Additionally, Amy is a certified yoga instructor, she is CPR and AED Certified, and she has experience as a special education paraprofessional. Amy enjoys working in the healthcare industry because she knows she is making a difference in people’s lives. Some of Amy’s hobbies include running, yoga, paddle boarding, art, and hanging out with her wonderful children. Amy’s favorite movie is Grumpy Old Men.


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