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Ashley A.

Homemaking/Companion, ICLS/Direct Care, ILS Trainer

Compassionate Home Care welcomes Ashley to the team. Ashley has been involved in some behind the scenes medical work, and she has cared for one client for a number of months. Ashley started in the field by helping a family friend with a few things here and there, so she could keep living at home on her terms. This family friend inspired her to look into doing this type of work full time and helping others. Ashley enjoys connecting with new people and hearing stories of life’s adventures. Ashley’s favorite place is at home, and she completely understands wanting to stay living at home as long as possible with a little help here and there. Ashley and her husband live in Coon Rapids, and they have been married for six years. In her spare time, Ashley enjoys reading, knitting, gardening, thrift-store shopping, cooking, and baking. Her favorite movies are  Princess Bride, Harry Potter, and anything involving a Christmas theme. Ashley respects the fact that the clients are inviting us into their homes and giving us the chance to help them. 

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