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Catherine S.

Homemaking/Companion, ICLS/Direct Care, ILS Trainer

Catherine Smith is joining the Compassionate Home Care team with a great deal of experience. She has worked as a PCA as well as a homemaker in the home healthcare field for nearly 35 years. In addition to working as a PCA and homemaker, Catherine has worked as a nursing assistant. Catherine has a certificate in basic American Sign Language, and she has worked in community educational services for 8 years providing enrichment services for the before and after school programs. Catherine has enjoyed helping people and making an impact on their lives as well as helping them have a better outlook on life. Catherine puts other people’s needs as her top priority, and she goes above and beyond the normal call of duty to provide the best care possible. Catherine is a mother of two grown children, and she has three grandchildren: twins (one boy and girl) and another granddaughter who all live with her. In her spare time, Catherine enjoys the outdoors and traveling; she also enjoys spending time with nature and her family. She also loves to travel and to cook. Catherine’s favorite movie is Purple Heart with Cheryl Ladd. 

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