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Denise B.

Homemaking/Companion Caregiver, ICLS Caregiver, ILS Trainer

Compassionate Home Care is excited to welcome Denise to the CHC team! Denise has worked as a caregiver for many years having begun as a candy striper, working as a CNA, a PCA, a HHA, and a Medical Assistant. She has done ILS, and she has been an ILS Supervisor. In addition, she has worked as a DPS, a lead staff member, and a PC. Denise believes that every person has value and unique abilities. Every person has life experiences to share that can teach others. Denise has the same core values as Compassionate Home Care, and she is passionate about providing care for others. Denise has five children and six grandchildren, and in her spare time, Denise enjoys cooking, reading, knitting, and spending time with her family. Denise’s favorite movies are Always, Dune, and the Outlander series. Denise truly enjoys people, and she enjoys listening to their stories and life experiences. 

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