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Could you or a loved one benefit from having an in-home caregiver? Call us at (763) 294-0714 for a complimentary evaluation to see how one of our caregivers could provide the help that you're seeking.

My caregiver is wonderful, kind, and has a great personality. I really appreciate her.

Carole C., IHS Client

I love that all my caregivers really seem to care.

Sue M., ICLS Client

She treats my place like it's her own home.

Marie k., Homemaking Client


With over 60 years of combined experience in providing care for our aging population, the Compassionate Home Care office team has devoted countless hours and an endless passion to develop into Compassionate Home Care’s mission: We are Compassionate Home Care, it’s what we do. 

We provide services to all ages, disabilities, and/or illnesses, who desire to reside in the comfort of their own homes and communities—and you can trust our highly qualified, experienced professionals at Compassionate Home Care. We also have a partnership with HealtheMed Telemedicine, which provides mediciation management right through the internet. Our tools are key to creating a personalized plan of care for each individual, always addressing the whole person, not just the condition.


We utilize the latest tools that can help us understand and track changes in things like:​

  • Pain level and what is used to alleviate the pain and its effectiveness

  • Ability to walk, bathe, use the bathroom, get dressed, etc. independently or with support

  • Risk for falls

  • Cognitive screening as a baseline, which is evaluated regularly

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