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Jan Nicodemus


Jan Nicodemus is the Owner/CEO of Compassionate Home Care. While working in the nursing home/assisted living for the past 16 years, Jan saw a need for elder care services for people who strongly desired to stay in their homes and wished to continue to live as independently as possible. Sometimes the desperation in her clients’ eyes told her they just wanted to go home. While understanding each and every client was a significant undertaking, Jan became compassionate about extending her knowledge and understanding to meeting her clients' needs and wants. She has dedicated her time and passions into creating Compassionate Home Care, a home health care company in Minnesota. It is Jan’s desire through Compassionate Home Care to provide the services of caring for all ages from infant to aging populations. Jan has surrounded herself with a team of dedicated and compassionate professionals with the same goals to promote the company’s mission: We are Compassionate Home Care, it’s what we do.

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