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Homemaker/Companion Caregiver, ICLS Caregiver, ILS Trainer

Lori is a Homemaker/Companion/ILS employee at Compassionate Home Care. Lori has been cleaning houses for six years, but this is her first experience in the home healthcare industry. She has been on the staff at CHC since December of 2016, and she is a significant part of the team as she has consistently demonstrated flexibility and reliability throughout her time at Compassionate Home Care. Lori says that her role is extremely rewarding because she enjoys helping people to feel more independent and helping them to feel valued. Lori says that it is extremely fulfilling to develop relationships with her clients and know that they look forward to her visits and the time she spends with them. Lori is married and has two teenage daughters. She has a few fur babies as well: two dogs and a cat. Lori enjoys spending time with the family, hiking, going to movies, camping, and trying her husband’s various recipes; Lori likes to do a little cooking herself. Lori’s favorite movie is The Notebook.


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