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Megan C.

Direct Caregiver

Compassionate Home Care welcomes Megan to the caregiving family! Megan has worked as a Residential Counselor for the past four years in a group home setting. There, she had the opportunity to care for clients who have disabilities. As she transitions to Compassionate Home Care, Megan will work as an ICLS Caregiver as well as an IHS Caregiver. Megan says that the caregiving industry has given her immense joy, and she has always known since she was young that she was meant to care for others, and this has turned into a huge passion for her. Megan loves going into work knowing that she will be making a difference in her clients’ lives. She especially enjoys getting to know her clients in regards to their backgrounds and their life stories such as their upbringing as well as their favorite memories, and their interests and hobbies. Megan strives to provide her clients with an environment that is full of laughter, joy, and peace. It is her goal to make sure that her clients know that she sees them more than just a person who needs additional help; she wants them to know they are unique individuals who deserve respect, love, and care. Megan was born and raised in Rochester, MN, and she has a dad, a mom, and an older sister. Megan cherishes the fact that though her parents are divorced, they have remained friends and have been able to celebrate birthdays and holidays together as a family. In her spare time, Megan enjoys reading, painting, listening to music, binge-watching the latest Netflix series, and spending time with her family and friends. Megan loves all of the Nicholas Spark movies, along with any suspenseful movies that keep her on the edge of her seat. 

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