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Nancy A.

Homemaker/Companion Caregiver, ICLS Caregiver, ILS Trainer

Nancy joins the Compassionate Home Care team as a Homemaker/Companion, ICLS Caregiver, and an ILS Trainer. Nancy is currently working with a client who has dementia, so she is encouraging her to exercise and participate in activities. Additionally, Nancy helps her clients to do activities on their own, and she cleans their house, does dishes, washes floors, and assists with laundry. In addition, Nancy takes them to doctors appointments when they need a ride. Nancy works hard to try to get her clients to do things on their own and be active in their own lives. She enjoys having conversations with her clients and getting to know about them and their needs; she enjoys helping people. In her spare time, Nancy enjoys riding motorcycle, and her favorite movies are Heaven is for Real and Twilight. Nancy loves spending time with her kids and grandchildren, and she tries to see them on the weekends and holidays whenever she can.

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