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Incident Reporting and Complaints (Video)

1. VIDEO: Mandated Reporter: Vulnerable Children and Quiz (8/10)

2. VIDEO: Infection Control Competency Parts 1 and Parts 2 and One Quiz (8/10)

3. VIDEO: Mandated Reporter: Vulnerable Adults (Part 1 and Part 2) and One Quiz (7/9)

4. VIDEO: TB Training and Quiz (24/30)

5. VIDEO: Promoting and Maintaining Good Mobility and Quiz (12/15)

6. VIDEO: Providing Personal Care (3-part video) and Quiz (8/10)

7. VIDEO: Medication and Self Administration Training and Quiz (8/10) (Direct Care Slide 24)

8. VIDEO: Introduction to Home care and Quiz (12/15)

9. VIDEO: A Guide to Being a Companion/Homemaker and Quiz (16/20)

10. VIDEO: Communication Skills and Quiz AND (Slide 12 Videos(12/15)

11. VIDEO: Observation, Reporting, and Recording and Quiz (8/10)

12. VIDEO: Fall Prevention and Quiz (20/24)

13. VIDEO: HIPAA and Confidentiality and Quiz (16/20)

14. Maintaining a Clean and Safe Environment (Direct Care Slide 5)

15. Providing Personal Hygiene (Direct Care Slide 6)

16. Standby Assistant Techniques (Direct Care Slide 8)

17. Medication, exercise, and treatment reminders (Direct Care Slide 9)

18. Basic Nutrition

19. VIDEO: Bloodborne Pathogens and Quiz (8/10)

20. VIDEO: Ethics and Legal Behavior and Quiz (15/18)

21. VIDEO: Developing Cultural Competence AND Quiz (12/15)

22. Confidentiality (Direct Care Slide 13)

23. Direct Care Staff Quiz #1 (10/12)

24. Review emergency situations (Direct Care Slide 16)

25. Assistive Devices (Direct Care Slide 17)

26. Body Functions (Direct Care Slide 18)

27. Review observation and reporting (Direct Care Slide 19)

28. Vital Signs (Direct Care Slide 20)

29. Needs of the Client (Direct Care Slide 21)

30. Safe Transfer Techniques (Direct Care Slide 22)

31. VIDEO and Signature: Gait Belt

32. Signature Required: Gait Belt Training

33. VIDEO: Medical Emergencies and Basic First Aid and Quiz (15/18)

34. VIDEO: Caregiver Conduct - Regulations, Coworkers and Families and Quiz (8/10)

35. VIDEO: Minimizing the risk of sexual violence for people with disabilities and Quiz (8/10)

36. Direct Care Staff Quiz #2 (14/17)




Alzheimer’s Disease

1. VIDEO: Understanding Alzheimer's and Related Disorders  Quiz (4/5)

2. VIDEO: Effective approaches to use to problem-solve when working with a client's challenging behaviors Quiz (8/10)

3. VIDEO: How to communicate with clients who have Alzheimer's or related disorders. Quiz (8/10)

4. VIDEO: Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease Quiz (4/5)


ILS Training:


  • VIDEO: ILS Weekly reports, monthly reports, Client Face Sheets, and Resources: Link

VIDEO: Person-Centered Care Training: LINK  and Quiz (5/6)

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