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Robin K.

Homemaker/Companion Caregiver, ICLS Caregiver, ILS Trainer

Robin joins the Compassionate Home Care team having experience as a PCA and having worked in group homes with individuals with disabilities; she has worked in the field for about seven years. Her favorite part of working in the field is getting to know her clients and spending time with them. She has always treated her clients with dignity and respect, and she has always shown respect for all of her coworkers. Robin lives with her mom, and she has a daughter who just moved to Richmond, VA. In her spare time, Robin enjoys going to the gym, listening to music, and volunteering with animals. Her favorite movies are I Can Only Imagine and Soul Surfer. Robin is currently taking online classes to be a veterinary technician as she loves animals and wishes to also have the opportunity to work with animals while still working as a caregiver. Robin is also a pet sitter and dog walker. 

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