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Homemaking/Companion Caregiver, Direct Care

Sam joins Compassionate Home Care as a Homemaker/Companion and Direct Caregiver. She has some experience in healthcare as a substitute office staff at an urgent care center. She is passionate about providing care for her very special client who is also her mother, and she is happy that she can provide her mother with the care she deserves. She strives to provide the best care possible for her mom and to make her feel cared for; she wants her mom to feel that she still has a purpose in the world even with her disability. Sam enjoys cooking and working on home improvement projects with her husband. She also enjoys gardening and chasing her two-year old daughter. Her favorite movies are Lott and the Harry Potter movies. Sam loves to travel, and she is fortunate to have the opportunity to travel as her family moves frequently due to her husband’s job.

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