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Sarah B.

ICLS Caregiver, ILS Trainer

Sarah B. joins the Compassionate Home Care with roughly 14 years of experience in the field, and she joins the team as an ILS Trainer and ICLS Caregiver. Sarah enjoys watching an individual complete a task that he or she thought was impossible, even if it was something simple. She likes to get to know the individuals for who they are and not based on their diagnosis on paper, and she is focused on person-centered care and enjoys making an impact and difference in someone’s life. Sarah is very passionate about working with individuals with mental health concerns, cognitive disabilities, or individuals who need an extra hand in life, and she feels that when she is working with such individuals, she is helping them to be successful with maintaining independence by being taught the tasks that help them gain more independence. Sarah is close with her parents, and her mother is the reason she wanted to work in this field. She is a mother to two beautiful little girls who are 14 months apart, and they give her the drive to pursue a human service career. Sarah is the middle child, and she has two older brothers (one who is a physicist engineer at the corporate Nike office), and she also has a brother who is an actor/director. When she is not working, Sarah enjoys spending time with her kids, friends, and family. She likes to travel a few times a year, and she also enjoys attending sporting events; she is a HUGE Vikings fan. Her favorite movie is The Blind Side. Sarah is a very passionate person about working with others; she has a kind and big heart, and she does not look at her profession as a job; it is a part of who she is that she wants to share with others. Sarah has a go-getter attitude, and she enjoys working under stress/chaos; she likes to utilize the skills and resources she has learned throughout her career to help make others’ lives better.

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