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Sarina N.

Direct Caregiver

Welcome to the Compassionate Home Care team, Sarina! Sarina joins the team as a direct caregiver, and she has had experience in caregiving for a family member. She worked with this family member for 10 years. During this time, she helped with household chores, daily activities such as showering, getting dressed, and going to appointments. She also has experience with running errands for clients. Sarina loves working with people and being able to make someone’s day by doing the simplest things. Sarina enjoys the people, their personalities, and their stories. Sarina is caring and compassionate, and she wants to provide people of any age with the help that they need to continue to live independent and happy lives. Sarina is the mother of two young children, and she and her family live together with her boyfriend. In her spare time, Sarina enjoys spending time with her family, and she loves to watch movies, TV shows, and listen to mosaic. She also enjoys making art projects with her children. Sarina’s favorite movies are Troy, Phantom of the Opera, Man in the Moon, Sweet Home Alabama, and many more. Sarina looks forward to working with everyone in the company, and bringing joy to the clients’ lives. 

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