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Skyler M.

Direct Caregiver

Compassionate Home Care is thrilled to welcome Skyler to the team. Skyler has been working in the healthcare industry for about five years having worked in group homes and home care. She enjoys being able to connect with all of her clients. She especially loves to hear their stories and being able to help with tasks with which her clients could use an extra hand. Skyler cares so much for others and their well being, and she enjoys coming into work and knowing that she is making a difference every day. Skyler has a son named Oliver, and in her spare time, she enjoys hiking, collecting crystals, spending time with her son, and traveling. Her favorite movies are Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, and The Orphan. A quirky fact about Skyler is that two years ago, she drove all the way to South Padre Islands off of Texas for a few days, and then she drove back for a total of 5,000 miles in her little car; Skyler just loves to travel and see the world,

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