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Tara P.

Homemaking/Companion Caregiver, ICLS Caregiver, ILS Trainer

Welcome to the team, Tara! Tara has many years of caregiving experience having been a caregiver in some capacity since the age of 12. She loves to care for others, and she loves to see the smiles on her clients’ faces. She enjoys watching others thrive and knowing that she had a small part in it; this is such a beautiful blessing to her. She was hopeful to just jump right in and work with a great team to accomplish common goals. Tara is a wife and a mom of four wonderful children. In her spare time, Tara enjoys spending time with her husband and kids doing sports, church, and other activities. She also enjoys gardening (vegetables and flowers), taking walks and riding bikes. Tara’s favorite movies are Girls Just Want to Have Fun and The Blind Side. Tara is a faith-filled woman who holds herself and her family to a high standard, and she tries her best to live her life this way. She says that the high road is a tough road, but it is always the best choice. 

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