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Paying for the Cost of Care 

We understand that for families or aging adults who are considering home care options, the cost can be a major worry.


Most older adults, unless they have had help over their lifetime, are reluctant to spend money on these services. Failing to do so can cascade into others thinking that the individual cannot live in their own home any longer independently. This is why home care is something that should be put in place to, not only to keep the person safe and healthy, but to enhance a person’s enjoyment of the life that they have worked so hard for.

Selecting the right care is important and you want to ensure it’s the best fit and value for each special situation.

Exploring Many Options for Paying for Home Care

Today, you may be able to take advantage of many programs to make personalized in-home care a reality for yourself or for your family. We recommend you look at the following options to review if any can work for you.

- Medicaid waiver

- Veterans (VA) assistance

- Long-term care insurance

- Private pay

Please contact us if you would like to learn more or to request care today!

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